We are proud to report that after the charity brunch in July, we raised over CHF 500 which helped cure 20 young children of blindness.  Thank you for all that attended and donated, every little helps and we are proud to be able to help make a difference.

Dr Lucy Mathen, the founder of the Second Sight charity, travelled to Basel to attend the event and sent us the following message ….

You raised over 500 Swiss francs. WELL DONE!
I was thinking about where to spend this money…which hospital, which patients. And I kept seeing in my mind all those children and young adults leaping around the stage with such enthusiasm. How nice if they were able to help Indian children to see!
Cataract can affect babies and young children as well as adults. And we have a Second Sight eye surgeon who goes to Bihar three times a year to operate on these children. She will be going next at the end of September and will probably carry out about 20 operations.
The money you raised is enough to pay for these operations!
I have attached two pictures. I think they demonstrate how powerful an intervention a three minute cataract operation can be…affecting not just the patient but entire families.
Thanks once again!
Blind--White cataract in both eyes After surgery smiles all round