Oil on Oak

Dance Lab 7, Ballet Basel, 2015

Jorge Garcia Perez’s story intriguingly told through ballet, represents a modern twist on the thoughts and visions in the painting by Bosch “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

Art historians believe that Bosch intended to create a visual chronological journey, when closed the triptych represents the creation of the world and once opened: the left hand panel represents Adam and Eve, the center the garden of delights and lust. The right panel depicts hell and damnation.

The performance takes place within a four sections of choreography gradually growing from creation to destruction all with an underlying element that we all face in the perils of modern day life – Temptation to Sin and Lust..

Section 1 – Creation of the world: The all mighty God. giver of life,love, desire and destruction.
Section 2 – The Garden of Eden: God, Adam and Eve. Where does it all start and end.
Section 3 – The Garden of Earthly delights: Cavorting nudes and mystical beasts. Mankind is given complete earthly freedom.
Section 4 – Hell: God, men and woman: The guilty face their sins and ultimately eternal damnation.